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:bulletred: Enter Brelston's Dawn of X fan art contest to win some sweet prizes!

:bulletred: The Megaman Classic - Folder 2 is now open for Megaman Classic submissions!

:bulletred: RolplayMegaman-DA is looking for someone who can take over the group! If interested, contact SesakaTH.

:bulletblue: We're still accepting fan art dedicated to Megaman's 25th anniversary!

CHATROOM: #MegamanEvolutionChat

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This gallery features the best Megaman fan artworks that are reserved for outstanding achievements, art skills, craftsmanship and creativity.
Hi Megarockers!

I've received several messages that the Megaman Classic folder is full. Sorry about that!

For now, I've temporarily closed the folder and have opened up the "Megaman Classic - Folder 2" subfolder so you can continue submitting artworks. In the meantime, I'll be transferring some of the artworks in the main folder into the subfolder. I want to try to get the main folder cleaned and opened up again in the future so you guys don't have to venture deep into the subfolders to view artworks.

Also, I have decided to reduce the number of submissions down to 3 artworks per day. It's amazing to still see awesome artworks by Megaman fans, but I haven't been on very often as of late and when I do, I see some 300+ notifications in my inbox. :faint:

If you feel that 3 submissions per day is too limiting, send a comment in this journal entry and tell me your thoughts.

And finally, please DO NOT submit your journal entries about your favorite Megaman character, your next upcoming animation in the works, what you ate last week, etc. I still see a few journal entries buried within the gallery folders and have to remove them. Again, the galleries are for artistic/creative works only!

That's all for now, folks. Keep rocking on!
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What is Megaman Evolution?

This deviantART fan group is dedicated to the entire Megaman franchise, which includes the official series of...
:bulletblue: Classic
:bulletblue: X
:bulletblue: Zero
:bulletblue: ZX
:bulletblue: Legends/DASH
:bulletblue: Battle Network/EXE
:bulletblue: Star Force/Ryuusei
We also accept fan characters or fan concepts of the Megaman franchise.

All Megaman artists and fans are invited to join this group!


Please read the following rules before you proceed:
:bulletblue: Be respectful and courteous to everyone.

:bulletblue: All kinds of art mediums are welcomed. Whether your fan artworks are paintings, sculptures, cosplays, or fan fictions, you can submit them here.

:bulletblue: Please submit your artworks in the right folder. If you're not sure, submit them in the "Features" folder. We'll try to arrange the artworks in the appropriate place.

:bulletblue: Everyone is limited to 5 art submissions per day, per gallery. That means you can submit a maximum of 5 artworks in each gallery in a single day.

:bulletred: Regarding art content: If your artworks have content that may not be kid-friendly, please set them as MATURE CONTENT. We recommend that you do not submit any artworks containing inappropriate or explicit content. Examples of mature content: complete nudity, sex, sexual fetishes, yaoi/yuri, excessive violence, gore, drugs, etc.

:bulletred: Please DO NOT submit official artworks, game sprites, anime/game screenshots or any official content that is copyrighted. Editing or tweaking any official content does not pass as an original work. All fan artworks should be made originally by your creativity!

:bulletred: Regarding pixel/sprite art submissions, we will accept pixel and sprite art submissions only if they meet 1 of the following criteria:
:pointr: The art submission is original and was made from scratch. Editing over official base sprites does NOT count!

:pointr: Sprite sheets that contain 5 or more unique poses or unique characters/objects. Blowing up a couple sprites into several sizes and/or only having the same character in several alternate colors are unacceptable.

:pointr: Sprite comics that have several panels AND contains quote bubbles/dialogue. Single-paneled sprite comics and/or comics that contain no dialogue are unacceptable. Using official sprites to tell your story is fine only in this situation.
:bulletred: Please do not submit journal entries in our gallery folders. Our gallery folders are meant for art submissions, not for advertising journal posts.
Failure to follow these rules will result in consequences such as your artworks being denied or removed. Repeated offenses may result in warnings and/or bans.

Note: Rules and regulations may change without notice so please read them regularly!

Founder's Rights

The Founder of Megaman Evolution reserves the following rights:
:bulletblue: To accept, deny, move or remove any/all art submissions directed towards Megaman Evolution's galleries when appropriate.

:bulletblue: To moderate and issue warnings/bans when it becomes necessary for the peace and stability of the Megaman Evolution group.

:bulletblue: To grant Contributors the same or similar authority as stated above.

Need to Contact Us?

If you have any questions or concerns, you may send your notes to Megaman Evolution (click "Send a Note" at the top) or note the Founder directly.


The Megaman Evolution group is not officially affiliated with Capcom. Additionally, the artworks, opinions, and views of the individual artists and staff members do not necessarily reflect the group as a whole.

Finally, Megaman Evolution is not the group who represents the Megaman fan games that have the same name. The Megaman-Evolution of deviantART is not affiliated with the Megaman Evolution fan games.

~ Written by Su5anLee, current Founder of Megaman-Evolution





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preceptorexe Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
wow so much go art comes form here everyday my favorites have been growing two have like 60 pages at this point and I much to my seam have eit to have really started my own page I do a lot of art to upload I just haven't upload them
preceptorexe Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
can someone help me out I was trying to upload a megaman fanfiction I wrote but forsome reson they wouldn't let my submit it first off it yells at my that you need a preview image so I used a random peace of game but I seen plenty of fanfics on this site that just us the opening tex as the preview and when I was put the categories things I put in fanfiction Humor witch is what it is but they said something like that can not posted here even thow this is where it goes what I doing wrong
Su5anLee Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Filmographer
Not quite sure why that's happening. Normally, you don't need a preview image to submit a fanfiction. The only image that would be up on the thumbnail would be your literature banner. And even then I don't think that's required either IIRC.

Sorry, not much of a help here. You might wanna ask a dA staff member about it.
preceptorexe Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
so how do I contact them
Su5anLee Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student Filmographer
Sorry for late reply. If you haven't done so already, you could either try the dA forums or contact the help desk and ask them. Also, maybe the FAQ could shed some light on why you're not able to submit your fan fiction.
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